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What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

Houston ENT & Allergy
May 06, 2015

At Houston ENT & Allergy, we've treated dozens of patients for sinusitis, which occurs when the sinuses become inflamed and fluid builds up, causing a blockage of mucus. The inflammation can be caused by either a bacterial, viral, or fungal source, and if left untreated, can cause serious problems. Some people may experience acute sinusitis that lasts for approximately 10 days, but others can suffer from chronic inflammation that lasts more than 12 weeks and if that's the case, they should be examined by an ENT doctor immediately.

Millions of people contract sinus conditions over the course of a year, and it's important to know what the symptoms are. Pain behind your eyes or in your forehead could be an indication, as well as nasal congestion and difficulty breathing through your nose. You may also experience pain in your upper teeth and feel intense pressure when you try to sneeze or cough. If your sinus problems are due to an allergic reaction, our staff will recommend the proper treatment to prevent issues in the future. We can utilize X-rays and CT scans to gain a better understanding of what's happening in your sinuses.

Nasal decongestants can provide temporary relief, but for sufferers of chronic sinusitis, it's best to seek medical treatment for the condition. We'll pinpoint what caused the sinus issue, and help you breathe and smell better once again. An untreated sinus condition can cause other problems in the lining of the brain or in the eye sockets, leading to more serious health problems. Houston ENT & Allergy wants to help you overcome your sinusitis as soon as possible.

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