Our Southwest Houston ENT Clinic Can Treat Your Deviated Septum

For some people, a deviated septum causes little to no problem, and they experience slight or no symptoms. For others, they can experience difficulty breathing, chronic nosebleeds, or snoring problems while they sleep. At our Southwest Houston ENT clinic, we've treated many patients that were suffering from issues brought on by a deviated septum, and have seen symptoms of all types. Whether you're experiencing slight nasal irritation, or you're having considerable trouble breathing through your nose, we can help.

In severe cases where the septum is extremely displaced to one side, the patient can experience serious nasal discomfort. Decongestants and antihistamines can help, but surgery might be an option. We've treated patients whose septum was displaced from birth, as well as those who experienced an injury to the nose, causing the septum to shift to one side. Our doctors, after a thorough examination, will recommend whether or not surgery is a viable alternative to regular ENT treatments. If you're having trouble breathing or sleeping, it might be the best option in order to reduce your symptoms and ease your discomfort.

If you were born with a deviated septum, or a trauma to the nose has caused serious breathing problems, contact Houston ENT & Allergy right away. A deviated septum is a common condition, and we understand how to properly treat and correct it. You may have never had symptoms before, but if you're beginning to notice that something isn't right, we're ready to help from the moment you call or visit our clinic.

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