About Your Houston ENT Clinic

The year was 1907, and patients traveled to their appointments with Dr. John Foster by streetcar and by what is known today as vintage transportation.

However, times have changed! What was once a one man, private practice is now one of the nation’s largest, and most progressive practices in Ear Nose and Throat medicine. Dr. Foster practiced at his first location at 800 Main Street, until Dr. Lyle Logue joined him in 1915, at which time they moved into more spacious quarters in the Kress Building. Their clinic grew rapidly, and plans for a larger Eye Ear Nose and Throat hospital were soon under way, only to be interrupted for six years by World War I. In 1922, after the war was over, their dreams were finally realized. The first two floors of the hospital and office space were ready for occupancy. New doctors joined the practice including a group of Ophthalmologists, and the hospital flourished. Then came the depression. This was a difficult time for the hospital, but they managed to survive.

Patient Care Has Always Been our First Priority

In order to meet patient demand and increase efficiency, a new concept was introduced. A patient could come in for surgery early in the morning and be discharged by 6:00PM the same day. This was “Day Surgery”, as we know it today. Because of the financial efficiencies of this concept, the group was able to finance the installation of Air Conditioning in the entire hospital. A Houston first. Houston Ear Nose and Throat Clinic, LLP. continues to grow with multiple locations in the Houston and surrounding area. Each of these clinics contain state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation, along with a highly trained professional staff. A select group of physicians join the practice on a regular basis bringing with them the very latest in up-to-date procedures, skills, and related specialties.

Services for Ear Nose and Throat patients at 10 locations in and around Houston

In addition to its multiple clinics, Houston ENT & Allergy clinic owns and operates hearing aid centers at each of its locations, featuring the latest innovations in hearing aid technology.

Although we have become a very large physician group, our philosophy is to treat each patient as though he or she were the only patient that we have.

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