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ClariFix: The Runny Nose/Chronic Rhinitis Treatment in Houston

September 20th, 2018 | 5 min. read

By Tara Morrison, MD

Clarifix and Houston ENT and allergy runny nose chronic rhinitis treatment

Clarifix and Houston ENT and allergy runny nose chronic rhinitis treatment


Over 24 million individuals in the U.S. struggle with chronic rhinitis. If you suffer from a persistent stuffy or runny nose, there's a good chance you could have chronic rhinitis. Treatments like pills, drops and sprays might not provide you with the desired relief you're looking for.  Fortunately, you have another option now in ClariFix ®.

At Houston ENT & Allergy Services, our physicians can help you get relief from your constant runny nose  and breathe better — once and for all. We are dedicated to providing the most technically-advanced treatment options.

ClariFix® is the breakthrough, innovative cooling technology to treat frequent stuffy or runny nose, a condition called chronic rhinitis.  Our ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctors perform this procedure right in our clinic offices. It has little downtime and is extremely effective.

Understanding Chronic Rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis is the result of inflammation of your nasal linings. The nasal mucosa inflammation in chronic rhinitis causes excessive mucus secretion (post-nasal drip or runny nose), nasal itching, congestion and sneezing. Rhinitis may be either nonallergic, allergic or a combination of both known as mixed rhinitis.

Rhinitis can be either short-lived (acute) or long-standing (chronic). Acute rhinitis usually results from viral infections. However, it can also be caused by bacteria, allergies or other causes. Chronic sinusitis (chronic rhinosinusitis) often co-occurs with chronic rhinitis.

Chronic rhinitis is typically an extension of rhinitis due to a viral infection or inflammation. But, although rare, it can also occur with other conditions like:

  • Tuberculosis

  • Syphilis

  • Rhinosporidiosis

These and other conditions destruct cartilage, soft tissue and bone. Airborne irritants and low humidity also can cause chronic rhinitis. Chronic rhinitis leads to a nasal obstruction and in serious cases:

  • Frequent bleeding

  • Crusting

  • Foul-smelling, thick pus-filled discharge from the nose

You have nasal nerves that regulate different nose functions like nasal secretion. It's believed that when you interrupt these nerves, it reduces nasal symptoms like nasal congestion and rhinorrhea (runny nose).

For individuals with chronic rhinitis that's causing severe congestion or other ailments, the condition can disrupt their sleep and cause severe health consequences. Chronic rhinitis might also become resistant to certain medical treatments like nasal drops, sprays and pills as patients begin building immunity towards them. In serious cases, individuals will need surgery.


Runny Nose Treatment Option in Houston

There are numerous types of chronic rhinitis treatment, but not all work efficiently.  Doctors commonly treat chronic rhinitis based on the severity of the patient's symptoms and how the symptoms are impacting their daily life.

At first, the doctor may suggest a common at-home remedy, such as rinsing out the nasal passages. This will only likely provide short-term relief.

Physicians may also prescribe oral medications to help with the symptoms of chronic rhinitis, like non-sedating antihistamines if you're rhinitis is due to allergic causes.

Since a wide range of underlying conditions can cause nonallergic rhinitis, like abnormal mucus buildup or hormonal changes, there's a long list of medicines that may be used for treating it, including:

  • Steroid drops or spray

  • Immunotherapy

The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics, desensitization injections (allergy shots), antihistamines and avoidance of irritants.

Many of these types of medications come with harsh side effects.


Introducing ClariFix — The Runny Nose Treatment

Not all patients with chronic rhinitis are managed adequately with current medical treatments. Longstanding congestion and runny noses can start to impact individuals' quality of life slowly.

In the past, medicines and surgery were the only options patients had. Surgical neurectomy is often too invasive and pharmacological intervention will not always provide the long-lasting relief of symptoms. This left limited options — until now.

While oral medications and nasal sprays can provide you with some short-term relief, if you're looking for a longer term solution without the harsh side effects, you may want to look into Clarifix provided here at Houston ENT & Allergy Services.

Today, the introduction of ClariFix provides patients with a potentially more definitive solution with the possibility of offering long-lasting chronic rhinitis symptom relief. ClariFix, which is developed and manufactured by Arinnex, Inc, for runny noses is a newer treatment that is showing to be a very efficient procedure.


What is ClariFix?

ClariFix is a new breakthrough cooling device that treats chronic stuffy or runny nose — referred to as chronic rhinitis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the ClariFix cryosurgical tool, and many ENT doctors all over the country are using it. It's the only device the FDA has cleared for chronic rhinitis.
The treatment gets right down to the root of the problem — the inflamed underlying nerves and tissues.


  • Is minimally invasive under local or topical anesthesia.

  • Uses cryotherapy with a well-known safety profile.

  • Is an efficient procedure in a surgical setting or in-office.


How ClariFix Works

Our ENT doctor can perform the ClariFix for runny noses procedure right in their office. Only topical or local anesthesia is required. The ClariFix tool freezes a small nasal tissue area in the back of your nose using a special cooling probe. The cooling time only takes a few minutes.

The ClariFix device uses the well-known properties of cryotherapy and allows ENT doctors to interrupt the neural pathways that trigger the symptoms of rhinitis. The ClariFix treatment provides patients with an effective, safe and durable solution.

During the ClariFix procedure, our ENT physician delivers cryotherapy, freezing, shrinking and destroying the inflamed tissue, which provides the patient with lasting symptom relief.

Cyrotherapy has already been established for some time now as a safe tissue destruction method due to its:

  • Preservation of connective tissues

  • Controlled delivery

  • Architecture for nerves, cartilage, bone and large blood vessels

  • Preserving the extracellular matrix

  • Providing a scaffold to repair tissue

  • Enabling great healing of the tissue

Other types of thermal-based tissue destruction techniques denature collagen which results in inflammation and could cause safety issues around large blood vessels. They've also been linked with neuroma formation.

ClariFix selectively freezes the "runny nose nerve." There's no cutting or suturing involved. Our doctor applies the cryoprobe to the mucosa overlying the nerve. The procedure is associated with no downtime and immediate recovery.

A typical ClariFix treatment should take no more than a half hour, and has been shown to substantially decrease congestion and runny nose symptoms.


Benefits of ClariFix

The biggest benefit of ClariFix is relief:  Four out of five people treated with the ClariFix device revealed long-lasting improvement.

More specifically, the many benefits to having the ClariFix treatment done include:

  • Controllable, focused zone of effect

  • Extracellular tissue structure and blood vessel preservation

  • Minimal effect on connective tissues

  • Minimal scarring and good healing

  • Low inflammatory reaction

  • Long-lasting relief

  • Safe to use

  • Minimally invasive under local or topical anesthesia

  • Rapid mucosal tissue regeneration

  • Uses cryotherapy with a well-known safety profile

ClariFix also provides long-lasting, rapid relief of chronic rhinitis symptoms, including:

  • Sneezing

  • Allergic reaction

  • Congestion

  • Nasal itch

  • A runny nose

In the past, neuromodulation (to reduce the stimulation the nasal nerve produces) has been shown to ease runny noses that many individuals suffered with. Originally, the procedure involved cutting the nerve and this resulted in some unintended consequences. Thanks to ClariFix, doctors can now select the nasal nerve out and reduce its function without the need to sever the nerve. This is a huge advancement in chronic rhinitis treatment.


Side Effects of the ClariFix Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

ClariFix is a safe procedure. It's been found to be a procedure that's well-tolerated and doesn't have any procedure or device-related serious negative events.

There are some mild side effects that some individuals experience, which are typically associated with cryosurgery in the nasal passageway. These side effects may include:

  • Facial pain

  • Discomfort/pain

  • A headache

  • Dry nose

  • Bleeding

  • Ear blockage

If you experience any of these mild side effects, they typically resolve within a few months of the treatment.


Recovering After Your ClariFix Treatment

With any treatment that depends on diagnosis and assessment, recovery times can vary. You'll want to talk with our doctor about what you can expect after the procedure. In most cases, only local or topical anesthesia will be used and therefore, you'll be able to drive yourself home.

You may experience some mild discomfort and congestion for the first couple of days after the procedure, but then you'll start enjoying improved symptoms long-term. ClariFix may be able to cure your chronic rhinitis and eliminate your need for medicines, like non-sedating antihistamines for allergic rhinitis and steroid nasal drops and sprays, oral contraceptives and immunotherapy for nonallergic rhinitis.

Our Houston ENT doctor will provide you with instructions to follow after your ClariFix procedure. Generally, there's minimal downtime and full recovery. You should begin seeing dramatic improvement between seven and 30 days after treatment.


Getting ClariFix for Chronic Rhinitis (Runny Nose)

To get treated for chronic rhinitis with ClariFix, call us here at Houston ENT & Allergy Services at 281-649-7000 or by request an appointment online.


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By Tara Morrison, MD 


Tara Morrison, MD

She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. She moved to North Carolina to attend the Wake Forest University School of Medicine for her medical degree. She then went on to complete her residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center- Houston in 2001.