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Stuffy Head in the Morning?

April 7th, 2016 | 1 min. read

By Houston ENT & Allergy

If you wake up every morning, only to be greeted by a stuffy nose, dry throat, or plugged ears, your day most likely doesn't start off very well. A warm, steamy shower might clear things up, but it can still be beneficial to see an ENT specialist about what might be causing this stuffiness each morning. The staff at our Clear Lake clinic have treated a number of ENT conditions, and have answered countless questions regarding morning congestion.

There could be several reasons why you are experiencing sinus and throat problems in the morning, and we'll do whatever we can to find the solution. If you run your heater or air conditioner – depending on the season – the circulating air could be drying out your throat and nasal passages as you sleep. HVAC systems also bring in outside allergens, and those might be causing irritation that can lead to sinusitis or allergic rhinitis. Houston has a rather humid climate, but recycled air can quickly dry out your home, and your sinuses in the process. You may also need to take a look at your mattress and make sure that dust mites aren't causing breathing problems while you're asleep. A humidifier or vaporizer can help your throat and nasal passages stay moist during the night.

If you're tired of waking up to a congested head every morning, come see us in Clear Lake right away. When you visit our ENT clinic, you'll receive exceptional treatment from the moment you walk in the door. We look forward to helping you!