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Ear Infection Treatment for Both Young and Old

November 2nd, 2015 | 1 min. read

By Houston ENT & Allergy

Otitis media, or middle ear infection, is more common in young children, but adults can also suffer from it. The infection is caused by the same issue, no matter the age of the patient, and the team at Houston ENT & Allergy can effectively treat otitis media. Our office in Downtown Houston is equipped with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff that will listen to your concerns and provide exceptional care for your ears, nose, and throat.

Ear infections are caused when the mucosa, which is the lining of upper respiratory tract, becomes swollen or inflamed due a a cold, respiratory issue, or allergic reaction. The Eustachian tube becomes blocked, and this can cause dizziness, since the Eustachian tube equalizes pressure in the eardrum. Patients also experience pain and loss of hearing when they have an ear infection, and if left untreated, permanent hearing loss can occur. Children suffer from more frequent ear infections due to their Eustachian tubes being smaller and straighter. As you grow, these tubes become bigger and more angled. Our doctors can properly treat the infection, saving you from prolonged pain and discomfort.

If you have a child that has frequent ear infections, or you've been experiencing them yourself, visit our Downtown Houston clinic right away. We can provide treatment for a number of ear, nose, and throat conditions, and will help prevent these infections from becoming a common problem in your household. We'll help you understand why the infection occurred, and how to prevent them in the future.