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Skin Allergy Tests in Houston: Reasons, Procedures, and Results

Patricia Leonard, MD
February 13, 2018
March 13, 2019 07:53 AM
allergy testing

  A skin allergy test is an important diagnostic tool used to help determine which allergies or sensitivities some people may have. The tests themselves are conducted under the supervision of board-certified allergists who analyze a variety of key details throughout the testing process to ensure an accurate diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan.… Read More

Allergy Testing in Sugar Land

Discovering you have an allergy to something after eating it or breathing it in can be a very serious matter. Depending on the severity, your ability to see, breathe, or swallow can greatly diminish, and at that point, time is of the essence. It's imperative to receive immediate medical attention, and once the swelling or reaction has subsided, it's important to take precautions for the future. At Houston ENT & Allergy in Sugar Land, we can provide allergy testing to see what things you're allergic to, and what allergens - such as certain foods - you need to avoid at all costs.… Read More


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