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Houston ENT and Allergy Blog
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allergies / allergy / food intolerance

Food Intolerance (Sensitivity) Vs Food Allergies: Signs and Symptoms

May 5th, 2022|5 min read

hearing aids

Costco Hearing Aids vs Houston Hearing Center: Cost vs Value

May 5th, 2022|5 min read

voice / aphasia

Aphasia: Types, Causes, Prevalence, and Treatment Options

April 26th, 2022|4 min read

allergies / asthma

Asthma: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

April 25th, 2022|4 min read


Face Masks and Virtual Communication Affect Your Voice: Problems and Solutions

April 26th, 2021|5 min read

hearing loss / conductive hearing loss

Conductive Hearing Loss: Causes, Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

March 9th, 2021|5 min read

sensorineural hearing loss

Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

March 3rd, 2021|5 min read

loss of sense of smell / covid19

Anosmia (Loss of Sense of Smell) and COVID-19

January 29th, 2021|4 min read

tymponastomy / ear tube surgery

Ear Tube Surgery (Tympanostomy) Procedure: Reasons and Benefits

January 28th, 2021|5 min read

hearing loss / hard of hearing

Hard of Hearing: Definition, Causes, and Treatment Options

January 19th, 2021|5 min read

allergy clinic / allergies / environmental allergies

Environmental Allergies: Symptoms, Causes, Testing, and Treatment 

November 23rd, 2020|5 min read


Tinnitus: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

November 23rd, 2020|6 min read

sinus headache

Sinus Headache: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

November 4th, 2020|5 min read

hearing loss / memory loss

Dementia, Memory Loss, and Hearing Loss 

October 13th, 2020|6 min read


Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPRD): Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment 

September 22nd, 2020|4 min read

hearing aids

How to Pick a Hearing Aid

September 10th, 2020|1 min read

hearing loss

Fruit Flies Make Great Hearing Loss Test Subjects

August 26th, 2020|2 min read

hearing loss

COVID 19 and Hearing Loss – Small Studies, Big Implications

August 13th, 2020|1 min read

hearing loss

How to Get Water Out of the Ear

July 30th, 2020|1 min read

hearing loss

Stay Safe This July Fourth

July 1st, 2020|2 min read