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Sinusitis, Allergies, or a Common Cold?

As an ENT clinic in Houston, we see and treat patients with all kinds of conditions. It can happen that a patient believes they're suffering from one condition, but in reality, it turns out something else is the source of the problem. One example is a patient who is suffering from a sinus headache. They may feel that sinusitis is to blame when it's actually an allergic reaction that's behind their sinus pain. Before we begin any ENT treatment, we want to be sure what the cause of the problem truly is.… Read More

Your New ENT Doctor in Houston

At Houston ENT & Allergy, we understand how important it is for a doctor to build a positive relationship with every one of his or her patients. That relationship creates trust and respect that extends both ways, and if you've had the same ENT doctor for many years, you know that whenever you're in the clinic, the doctor is going to listen to your concerns and find the best way to treat your specific condition. If your current doctor is retiring and you're searching for a new ENT clinic, we're more than happy to begin building a new relationship with you.… Read More

Gentle ENT Treatment for Your Children

As a parent, you want the very best care for your child, and that's why you take time before they're born to research pediatricians, and you stay with that pediatrician during your little one's first few years. If your son or daughter suffers from chronic ear infections, your pediatrician may recommend taking them to an ENT clinic for care and treatment. At our Houston Medical Center location, we can provide gentle and effective ENT treatment for your children.… Read More

Having Trouble Sleeping This Winter?

If you're traveling a lot this winter, visiting friends and family, you're becoming accustomed to sleeping in guest rooms and hotels, and not in your own bed. If you or your spouse has noticed that you've been snoring more than usual, or that your breathing stops at certain intervals during the night, it's is essential that you see an ENT specialist as soon as you're back home in Houston. You may chalk up sleeping poorly to not being in your own bed or having your own pillow, but if the snoring and sleep apnea continue once you're home, the doctors at our ENT clinic at Houston Medical Center can help.… Read More

Do You Suffer from Chronic Nosebleeds?

There are two types of nosebleeds that can affect a person, and both can be very alarming if you're not prone to having them. An anterior nosebleed occurs in the front part of the nose and usually only comes from one nostril. A posterior nosebleed occurs deep in the nose and can be a very serious matter, especially if blood flows back into the throat. If you suffer from chronic nosebleeds, or epistaxis, it's imperative to see an ENT specialist right away. At Houston ENT & Allergy, we've helped many patients that have suffered from either anterior or posterior nosebleeds.… Read More

Chronic Nasal Problems Can Be Corrected

Millions of adults develop chronic nasal problems each year, and while some of them diminish with time and minimal medical treatment, others persist and cause many problems for the affected person. At our Houston Medical Center ENT clinic, we treat countless sinusitis cases and other nasal issues each and every year, and each patient that we see presents a unique situation. While certain remedies will work for a majority of problems, it may take a different approach to help you find relief from chronic nasal issues.… Read More

Learn More About Blepharoplasty at Our Houston Medical Center ENT Clinic

Many people that suffer from droopy or hooded eyelids may have considered facial plastic surgery, but felt unsure about where to turn or what results they could expect. At Houston ENT & Allergy, our team at the Houston Medical Center can answer all of your questions regarding eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, and how it can improve your vision, your appearance, and your overall quality of life. Dr. McGraw-Wall and the staff at our ear, nose, and throat clinic are more than willing to help you.… Read More


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