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Having Trouble Sleeping This Winter?

December 28th, 2015 | 1 min. read

By Houston ENT & Allergy

If you're traveling a lot this winter, visiting friends and family, you're becoming accustomed to sleeping in guest rooms and hotels, and not in your own bed. If you or your spouse has noticed that you've been snoring more than usual, or that your breathing stops at certain intervals during the night, it's is essential that you see an ENT specialist as soon as you're back home in Houston. You may chalk up sleeping poorly to not being in your own bed or having your own pillow, but if the snoring and sleep apnea continue once you're home, the doctors at our ENT clinic at Houston Medical Center can help.

One reason that you may be snoring more than usual, or experiencing increased sleep apnea are enlarged adenoids. Adenoids are lymph tissue located in your nose, and if they become enlarged or infected, you may experience chronic breathing problems, sinus infections, or sore throats. If the adenoids are inflamed, they can restrict the air passages in your nose, causing you to snore and potentially stop breathing while you're asleep. If your spouse has noticed that your breathing is shallower than normal, or you stop for periods of time during the night, please come see us right away.

We can properly treat your enlarged adenoids and provide a remedy for any other ENT condition that may be affecting you. We'll check your ears, nose, and throat to see if there are any other issues that may be contributing to your snoring or sleep apnea, and recommend the proper treatment and medications.