Hearing Implants Can Be A Great Alternative to Hearing Aids

If you've worn hearing aids for several years, then you know what they require in terms of care and maintenance. At Houston ENT & Allergy in Memorial City, we've helped many patients choose the right hearing aids, but there are certain cases where implants make more sense for correcting hearing loss. Instead of constantly adjusting the settings, changing the batteries, and checking to see if they're working, you can replace your hearing aids with Esteem® Implants.

The Benefits of Esteem Implants

Esteem hearing implants are designed to treat patients with moderate to severe sensorineural (nerve-related) hearing loss. For those who have worn hearing aids for many years, they may have adjusted to how the devices sit behind their ears, but if you're someone that just can't get used to the external components of your devices, then implants might be a good choice. With the Esteem implants, nothing goes in the ear canal, and your outer ear acts as a natural microphone for the sensor, sound processor, and driver, which sends the signals to your brain. The Personal Programmer lets you turn the device on or off, and you can once again enjoy clear, natural sound.

Esteem devices can only be sold by order of a physician, and only those who have been trained may implant the devices. At our Memorial City ENT clinic, Dr. Nichols is a Certified Esteem Implant Surgeon, and he and the rest of our staff will assist you throughout the entire process. You'll be amazed at how well you can hear with your implants, and you'll enjoy the things you once did before hearing loss affected your life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Author: Mark Nichols, MD

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