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Are Your Kids Coming Home with Colds?

March 1st, 2017 | 1 min. read

By Houston ENT & Allergy

The winter season is nearly over, and even though Houston doesn’t experience the frigid temperatures of other parts of the country, people still suffer from cold and flu symptoms that make their way around offices and schools. One common source of the common cold is catching it from your child when they bring it home from school. Kids share a lot of things at school, and aren’t always the best at washing their hands, and germs can easily be swapped between classmates. If you’re suffering from symptoms of sinusitis or rhinitis, make an appointment with our ENT clinic in Kingwood today.

Teaching Proper Hygiene

If your little one comes home with a cold, you want to find the best treatment for them as quickly as possible. We can provide relief for sinus and allergy problems, and once they’re over their symptoms, it’s important to teach them about proper hygiene while they’re at school. Making sure they wash their hands after using the bathroom, and perhaps not sharing pencils with their friend who has been sneezing all day can often save them from catching another cold. You want them to have fun at school, but not always at the expense of their health.

A Healthy Home

You can’t always prevent your kids from coming home with a cold, but you can take precautions to keep other members of your family from getting sick. While you’re taking care of a child with a cold, make sure to wash your hands before and after you take their temperature, bring them medicine, or pick up their used tissues. You don’t necessarily have to quarantine your little one, but being smart about how much they interact with other family members can keep the rest of the house from getting sick.

If your child has come home with a cold, and it hasn’t subsided after a few days, or their symptoms have worsened, make an ENT appointment with our Kingwood clinic today.

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