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Your Adult Tonsillectomy

If you’re constantly battling chronic sore throats, strep throat, or tonsillitis, it could be a good idea to have your tonsils removed. Many people have their tonsils removed when they are a child, but if you’re someone who’s still hanging on to those tissues, they could be causing more issues than you have the time or energy with which to spend. At our Southwest Houston ENT clinic, we can provide treatment and surgery to remove your tonsils, and do away with the issues that are keeping you home from work, from maintaining a steady social life, or from enjoying life to its fullest.… Read More

Dizziness While Driving?

Getting dizzy while driving can be a very scary experience, and even if it comes and goes in an instant, it can leave you extremely shaken and perhaps unable to drive. There can be several reasons why you became dizzy, including a vestibular migraine or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). The doctors at our Southwest Houston ENT clinic can examine your ears to see if a balance disorder is to blame for your dizziness, and will do everything they can to understand the source of the condition.… Read More

Is a Nagging Cough Keeping You Awake?

As the seasons change and you notice your allergies or sinusitis becoming more prevalent, one of the most frustrating aspects can be a nagging cough that keeps you awake when you're trying to fall asleep. You may have tried several home remedies to combat the cough, but nothing seems to be working effectively. As your ENT clinic in Southwest Houston, we want to help you sleep soundly this spring, and not let a dry, scratchy throat keep you awake.… Read More

Our Southwest Houston ENT Clinic Can Treat Your Deviated Septum

For some people, a deviated septum causes little to no problem, and they experience slight or no symptoms. For others, they can experience difficulty breathing, chronic nosebleeds, or snoring problems while they sleep. At our Southwest Houston ENT clinic, we've treated many patients that were suffering from issues brought on by a deviated septum, and have seen symptoms of all types. Whether you're experiencing slight nasal irritation, or you're having considerable trouble breathing through your nose, we can help.… Read More

Have You Noticed a Decrease in Your Hearing This Holiday Season?

The holidays are filled with friends and family gathering to celebrate, and when everyone is together, it's common for several conversations to be happening at once. While the sound of several voices can make it hard to hear, if you're finding it difficult to hear someone that you're talking directly to, it might be time to look into hearing aids. The person might be right next to you or directly across the table, but if all you hear is a buzz or a whine, it's important to have your ears checked. At our ENT clinic in Southwest Houston, our doctors can thoroughly check your hearing and see why you may be having trouble.… Read More

What is an Otolaryngologist?

When people are searching for an ENT clinic, they might be thrown by a listing that shows the word "otolaryngologist." While it's much simpler to call them ENT doctors, otolaryngologists can treat more than just the ears, nose, and throat. At Houston ENT & Allergy, our staff can diagnose and treat conditions that affect those areas, but are also skilled in the related structures of and disorders that affect the head and neck.… Read More

We Can Help With Allergies Caused by Pet Dander

Many people have pets, and are able to live with their animals without worrying about sneezing due to fur and pet dander. However, if you're someone that is sensitive to pet dander, it can be difficult to be in a home with pets, or have pets of your own. At our ear, nose, and throat clinic in Southwest Houston, we can provide allergy treatment to relieve symptoms caused by animal dander, and you'll be able to breathe and sleep better once more.… Read More

Cochlear Implants Can Help With Hearing Damage

Suffering severe hearing damage can greatly affect a person's life, and struggling to hear for several years can leave a person feeling very frustrated. If you've suffered drastic hearing loss due to a traumatic event, such an explosion near your ears or prolonged exposure to noise, Houston ENT & Allergy is here to help. At our location in Southwest Houston, our doctors can provide cochlear implants that bypass the damaged portions of your inner ear, restoring your hearing and removing frustration from your life.… Read More


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