Are You Suffering From Hearing Loss Caused By An Accident?

If you're suffering from hearing loss due to a loud noise produced by an accident at work, or you received a trauma to the head or ears, it's essential that you seek treatment right away. At Houston ENT & Allergy in Pearland, we've seen every kind of ENT condition, and we treat each one with the seriousness that it deserves. Hearing loss caused by trauma can be significant, and an ear, nose, and throat doctor will understand how to effectively treat it, but only after a thorough examination and understanding what caused the trauma.

Noise induced hearing loss is a type of sensorineural hearing loss, and can be grouped into two categories – prolonged noise exposure and temporary noise exposure. If you work in a factory or manufacturing center, you can be exposed to prolonged noise made by machines and equipment. Regulations require you to wear ear protection while on the floor, but you can still experience hearing loss over time. Temporary noise exposure includes a change in hearing brought on by loud noises, such as firecrackers or a gunshot. You may experience temporary tinnitus, or a ringing in your ears, but if the cochlea in the inner ear is damaged, your hearing loss could be irreversible.

Hearing aids and other assistive devices can help you hear better once again, but the best treatment can't be prescribed until after you visit our Pearland ENT clinic. If you've experienced a trauma that damaged your ears or affected your hearing, please make an appointment with us right away.

Author: Mark Nichols, MD


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