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Have Those Troublesome Tonsils Removed

November 12th, 2015 | 1 min. read

By Houston ENT & Allergy

Many people undergo a tonsillectomy as a child, and therefore don't have to worry about tonsil problems later in life. However, there are those adults that still have their tonsils, and don't think about them until they become swollen or inflamed. This infection, known as tonsillitis, can cause many problems, including trouble sleeping, swallowing, and talking. At our Town & Country ENT clinic, the Houston ENT & Allergy team can treat your tonsillitis, or perform a tonsillectomy and remove those troublesome glands.

If you're an adult that needs a tonsillectomy, make sure to plan to take time off of work. While most tonsil procedures are performed as outpatient surgery, meaning you won't be admitted to the hospital, you will have to take time to recover. You'll most likely experience pain in your throat and ears, and can also have discomfort in your jaw and neck. Your body needs to heal, and trying to go right back to work or resume your normal activities can drain a lot of energy quickly. Along with rest, it's imperative that you take any prescribed medications, drink plenty of fluids, and eat foods such applesauce, ice cream, or anything that's easy to swallow. If you experience any profuse bleeding, or develop a fever, be sure to contact us right away.

Tonsils can be troublesome for certain people, and create no issues for others. If you suffer from chronic sore throats, take the time to visit our Town & Country ENT clinic. We can treat any tonsil problem and recommend if you should have them removed, no matter how young or old you may be.