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Superior Treatment for Seniors

January 14th, 2016 | 1 min. read

By Houston ENT & Allergy

As a person ages, they can experience a variety of health issues, and thankfully, there are effective treatments for many of them. If you've noticed that your ability to hear, breathe, or speak has changed drastically, it's imperative that you see an ENT doctor as soon as possible. At our clinic in Southeast Houston, we've helped many seniors find relief from a number of ear, nose, and throat issues.

Otolaryngology for elderly adults is designed to help seniors adjust to conditions brought on by aging, such as hearing loss, sleep disorders, and dysphonia, or defective use of the voice. A number of factors can contribute to each condition, and our doctors understand how to pinpoint the issue. If you're having trouble breathing or swallowing, it's best to let a doctor examine your throat before a more serious issue arises and you end up in the hospital or emergency room. Voice issues, such as acute laryngitis, can affect a senior citizen more severely and should be examined immediately. For conditions that could require surgery, we'll discuss the risks associated with each procedure, and whether or not an operation is a suitable option.

Houston ENT & Allergy wants to help every patient find the relief they deserve, no matter their age. If you've noticed the onset of hearing loss, vocal issues, or breathing problems, please make an appointment as soon as possible. Our clinic staff will provide exceptional care and support from the moment you call or stop by, and help you find the solutions and treatment that you need.