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Visit Our Katy ENT Clinic Before You Travel

If you're going to be traveling by plane, or driving to an area with a significantly higher altitude, it can be a good idea to schedule ENT treatment before you leave. At Houston ENT & Allergy in Katy, we've treated patients that have complained about increased ear discomfort or hearing loss after getting off a flight, or taking a trip to a spot with a higher altitude. Experiencing "ear-popping" is a natural occurrence, but for those with chronic hearing problems or ear pain, it can be an unbearable ordeal.… Read More

You Can Find Relief For Your ENT Condition

Chronic sinus problems, such as rhinitis and sinusitis, can sometimes seem like they will never end. If you've dealt with conditions such as these, you know how important it is to have an ENT doctor examine you as soon as possible. At our Town & Country ENT clinic, we've seen a number of sinus conditions and met a number of patients that thought relief would never come. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and expertise to effectively treat any ENT condition.… Read More

Superior Treatment for Seniors

As a person ages, they can experience a variety of health issues, and thankfully, there are effective treatments for many of them. If you've noticed that your ability to hear, breathe, or speak has changed drastically, it's imperative that you see an ENT doctor as soon as possible. At our clinic in Southeast Houston, we've helped many seniors find relief from a number of ear, nose, and throat issues.… Read More

Does Your Child Have Allergic Rhinitis?

With children around the country heading back to school this week or next, parents are bracing themselves for the first round of cold and flu symptoms that several kids will come home with after a few days in class. Germs, allergens, and bacteria can all contribute to a child getting sick, but if you've noticed that your child often displays symptoms such as nasal itching, watery nasal discharge, or trouble breathing through their nose, they could have allergic rhinitis. The doctors at our Downtown Houston ENT clinic can properly diagnose and treat your child's rhinitis.… Read More

Schedule Your Child's Tonsillectomy in 2016

Hundreds of thousands of children in the United States have their tonsils removed every year, and the reasons for a tonsillectomy can vary significantly. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, approximately 20 percent of tonsillectomies are performed because of recurrent infection, and 80 percent for obstructive sleep problems. If you've noticed that your child has started snoring, has trouble breathing while asleep, or sounds stuffy when awake, make an appointment with our Kingwood ENT clinic right away.… Read More

Having Trouble Sleeping This Winter?

If you're traveling a lot this winter, visiting friends and family, you're becoming accustomed to sleeping in guest rooms and hotels, and not in your own bed. If you or your spouse has noticed that you've been snoring more than usual, or that your breathing stops at certain intervals during the night, it's is essential that you see an ENT specialist as soon as you're back home in Houston. You may chalk up sleeping poorly to not being in your own bed or having your own pillow, but if the snoring and sleep apnea continue once you're home, the doctors at our ENT clinic at Houston Medical Center can help.… Read More

Don't Let Allergies Ruin Your New Year

Anybody's holiday season can be ruined by an allergic reaction to something they eat, something they touch, or any number of allergens. Reactions can range in severity from mild to life-threatening, and no matter how serious the reaction is, it can quickly ruin your day. With the New Year just a few days away, it's important that you're able to enjoy time with friends and family, and not have to stay home because your breathing, hearing, or sight has been affected. At Houston ENT & Allergy in Memorial City, we can expertly treat your allergies and help you enjoy your January.… Read More

Have You Noticed a Decrease in Your Hearing This Holiday Season?

The holidays are filled with friends and family gathering to celebrate, and when everyone is together, it's common for several conversations to be happening at once. While the sound of several voices can make it hard to hear, if you're finding it difficult to hear someone that you're talking directly to, it might be time to look into hearing aids. The person might be right next to you or directly across the table, but if all you hear is a buzz or a whine, it's important to have your ears checked. At our ENT clinic in Southwest Houston, our doctors can thoroughly check your hearing and see why you may be having trouble.… Read More

Be Careful What You Eat This Holiday Season

We've written before about allergy testing in our Sugar Land ENT clinic, but there are still those out there that aren't aware that they're allergic to certain foods or drinks. The holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and celebration, but if you discover that you've developed an allergy to a food that you eat every December, the fun can quickly turn to frustration. At Houston ENT & Allergy, our specialists can test you for food allergies and recommend the proper methods to avoid a breakout or reaction this winter.… Read More

Don't Let a Sore Throat or Sinus Problems Ruin Your Holidays

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, people are looking forward to the December and January holidays. With people taking time off work, there will be more time spent with friends and family, and while it's always a festive time, it also means more exposure to germs and bacteria that can lead to colds, sore throats, and sinus problems. At our ENT clinic in Clear Lake, we always see a bit of an increase in sinus infections and throat issues around this time of year.… Read More

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